Somatic Practitioner & Ceremonialist Esi Wildcat

Human Slop is a space for courageous bridge builders to explore the
edges of our cultural scripts and tolerate the discomfort of true transformation.

Of Heart & Mind (Musings)


Esi Wildcat

Esi Wildcat is a Somatic Practitioner and Ceremonialist, an Ordained Priestess of Isis, a Shakta initiate and yogini in the lineage of Sri Vidya, certified holistic health practitioner, and interdisciplinary healing artist with over 20 years of expertise.  She envisions a world where all humans harness the power to intuit and maintain wellness and aliveness in all areas of their lives.  Esi is passionate about conversations that create change, as a spaceholder for the primal emotions that often have no place in our contemporary world – grief, rage, despair, anger. As a bridge builder to the New Earth, she is making waves in the cultural somatic realm and is injecting the social justice sphere with much needed humanness and nuance. Esi seeks to highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary – and how the power of presence in our lives can transform not only how we relate to ourselves, but the world around us.  

Harness the power to intuit, maintain wellness, and aliveness.

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